Case Studies

LPW Technology Case Study 1: Root Cause Analysis

LPW Technology Case Study 2: Evolution of Oxygen Content

Renishaw: Digging Deep With Wassara

Renishaw: Additive Manufacturing Crosses the Finish Line

Encompass Horizion 2020 Project Case Study

Design & Manufacture of a Safety Critical Aerospace Component

Racing ahead with additive manufacturing

Hybrid AM combines additive and subtractive operations to enable parts to be manufactured and repaired in a seamless process

Laser size diffraction for LPW 316 powder

Powder flow after recycling

Internally Cooled Turbine Wheel

KOMET® GROUP innovates cutting tools using metal 3D printing technology

Industrial 3D printing yields success on the Formula Student circuits

Powder degradation

The curious case of the Christmas carbide particles

Making time for Holthinrichs Watches

Testing powder for optimal processing window